Safety in the workplace is a key concern. We care about the safety of our employees and that of others working around us. It is our corporate policy to provide our employees with a safe work environment through training and reinforced supervision. Our FIVE POINT SAFETY POLICY is one of the most comprehensive safety and health programs in the construction industry today. 
It ensures that all employees have been properly trained to perform their duties in the safest manner possible.

We are in compliance with all federal, state and local standards of care which form the basis of the program. Because of our compliance with our own written programs, the training, and the behavior-based philosophies.

Management is Responsible and Accountable for Safety. Our safety and health program is effective because senior management demands and expects safe performance and objective achievement.
Employees will be Trained to Work Safely. All employees-regardless of position-will be trained in their safety responsibilities and proper safe work procedures.
Corporate Objectives. Senior management will develop measurable safety objectives that will be used to measure management performance.
All Injuries are Preventable. Injuries are the result of hazardous conditions or actions; they are not an inevitable byproduct of construction environments.
Audits of the Workplace. Each of our worksites is audited by a management team to ensure compliance with safety programs and procedures. These audits provide a timely and proactive element recognizing deficiencies and resolving those issues before they become a safety hazard.